Does Winthrop have a secret?

A network of tunnels underneath the oldest buildings on campus- off limits to the public but confirmed to exist by campus authorities.

Some of us have glimpsed these places on Halloween ghost tours or through literal cracks in the walls of these century-plus old buildings.
Some of these locations house old machinery and other relics of a time when the world ran on steam and coal and was illuminated by the flicker of candlesticks and gas fires.
Still others are alleged to hold dark mementos of Winthrop's past as a women's college- stocks and other, more sinister instruments of torture for the punishment of "unruly" students.
In 2016, Winthrop University Police issued a notice warning against students attempting to enter these crypts- confirming their existence, but also raising the question...
What do they have to hide?

The Courtyard

This is a 360 degree view of a courtyard which holds a plate over a hollow in the ground believed to be an entrance to part of the tunnel.

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